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Notice | 2006/05/03 14:31
About Me
Name : Yong-Ju, Bak (Nickname : J.Parker)
Birthday : September 20
Gender : Male
Where : Cheongju City, Chungbuk, Korea
Job : Network & Server & C/S Management, C/S Programmer
Hobby : Computing, Web Surfing, Web Programing, Online Game, Photographing

This Site
I update this site with new photos and posts as much as possible. This site is Powered by Textcube with a few Plugin. The list of links on the right is an plugin that parses from my favorites at 'Textcube.org'. Also The 'ImagesExifView' and 'CommentAddMail',  'UrimalSpellCheck', 'Thumbnail List', 'FlashCounter', 'Flash MP3 Player', 'Blog Entry Hits', 'Flickr Photos', 'Plugin Setting Manager' area is another plugin.


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